A little about me...

My name Killarney is pronounced key-lar-knee. I am a married mother of 5 school aged children. My husband of 15 yrs is a retired dairy farmer. We currently live in southern Alberta on a commercail beef farm. Before signing my first publishing contract with museituppublishing.com I was a horse trainer, farrier, eng and west riding coach and equine massage therapist. My hobbies include listening to my ipod, gardening, riding, reading, camping and playing guitar hero with the kids. My favorite song is 1985 by Bowling for Soup, my favorite colours are emerald green and burgundy, my favorite flowers are red roses and lillies, my favorite food is icecream and my least favorite is tomatoes.

My pet peeves are people who pronounce my name wrong and ornery computers.

My favorite saying- "One day I'm going to change my name to Dad so the kids quit calling me to settle their fights..."



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