For those of you who like your romance a little 'riske' ....


Meet my alter ego Kelli Key. With Killarney Sheffield's usual historic flare Kelli Key takes things a little further, a little steamier and a little more exciting with

Larger than Life- Lacey's Lamp series

 What happens when a genie grants Liz her deepest desire? She finds herself 200lbs lighter and a whole lot sexier! Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

coming to  May 2012


A light erotica set in 1974. 

Shianne is a mixed up teen on the verge of adulthood. Her relationship with her single parent mother is definately not all that it could or should be. She runs off with a 'bad boy', the type every girl's mother warns them about and ends up in trouble. On the run and afraid she meets Ben. Hiding out on his dairy farm is not a city girl's dream but she manages. Ben knows she has a secret but will she share it with him? Will Shianne confess and give up her freedon for the love she has finally found? Everyone feels chained, sometimes... 

Coming to  Oct/2011

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